NP PMU Academy


In this 4-day online training, you will learn
  1. Satori Technique™ - Asian Style
  2. Satori Technique™ - Caucasian Style
  3. Satori Technique™ - Hispanic Style

Students will also get access to Nhung Phan PMU Academy online learning materials. The course does not come with student KIT.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Grace Ho
An online class worth every penny

This course was in depth, hands on and interactive. Everything you're looking for in an online class was executed perfectly by the NP Team. I was not confident with hairstrokes until after this class with some blood, sweat and tears (from all the homework). Let me tell you, it really pays off doing your homework!

I am always looking to expand my knowledge and even though I did a master class with NP (Sandy Brows, Luminous Lips, Amore Eyeliner & Satori Brows), I still learnt so much from this online class. It's a great refresher and I would 100% reccomend doing it!

Tiffany Pham
Best Online Course

Honesty is the best policy!
Since this pandemic caused a few shutdowns in my state ,I started looking for online PMU classes to update my skills and be ready for reopening days. I signed up Nhung Phan’s Satori Hair strokes Online class. I was so impressed with the set up of the class via Skype, all the demo videos and content that she made are so enjoyable to watch and understand where are my mistakes. During 4 days online class, she was so dedicated to students and teach the course in she just gave her whole life PMU knowledge to you!
I had taken many PMU the training around California to Ukrain, and Estonia but no one would help students so so much like Nhung. She saw my mistake right away as soon as she received my work picture via FB messenger/Whatapps and response quickly to me to to fix it. If she is busy working, she would ask her assistants to respond to me.
I decided to take her other courses for Brows,Eyeliner and Lips. All her course never disappointed me... lots of homework/ lecture are so intensive with tips / tricks as usual 😆.
If you want to grow your skills, these are best courses to take!

Rachael Roldan
Genuine Talent

One of the best decision i made in my career is to enroll Satori class by Ms. Nhung. At first, i was just trying if Satori will give me confidence as i was starting in the SPMU career until i found myself enrolling from Satori-All about lips-Eyeliner-All about brows that I didn't plan to enroll, but i did because surprisingly, i was impressed that they can explain everything with the method of science and principles of Art.
Also I'm very thankful with the NP team, for introducing me the Interceptor, a Professional tattoo machine, this makes me do the job much easier. They also manage to supply me professional use pigments,numb cream etc. which is not available in my country.

Ms. Nhung is one of the person that i will never forget in this journey. Thank you that you dedicate years or decade of learning, exploring, researching and being the best in this field. I am thankful that you have generous heart to share the knowledge you have with us.

If Ms. Nhung is the star of the class?
Who is Jack?
Wanna know more? Enroll the course! :b


You can tell right away from the begining that Nhung has a wide range of knowledge regarding to the PMU world and she shares it all without hesitation! Not only her techniques but also about varies of pigments and machines as well so you can find what work best for you, which I have NOT experienced with other masters at all!

I truly appreciate how she's very attentive to each and every student, make sure I get the technique right as well as fixing my bad habits. When Nhung said there will be a life time support after the course, she really means it. I've been learning from her since 2018 and she's always there to help me whenever I have difficult clients.

There are a lot of masters but a few are good teachers, much less one with a great passion and heart. Nhung is one of them, if not the only one!

I highly recommend any of her courses and you will not be disappointed!

Erica R
Best training in the industry

I can’t speak highly enough about the team and the training! I’m so blessed to have found them and literally can’t wait till the next training class!

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