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Kwadron® PMU Optima

Sale price$34.00 USD

Expiry date: 03/2025

Kwadron® presents the novelty and revolution in Permanent Makeup. As a leader in the tattoo industry with many years of experience in the creation and production of cartridges of the highest quality, we have created a product dedicated to Permanent Makeup - the Kwadron® PMU Optima cartridges.

Kwadron® PMU Optima allows you to do the most perfect Permanent Makeup. They have a unique system of stabilizing ultra-sharp needles, which ensures their durability and strength. The cartridge housing was made of medical plastic, which reduced the friction between the needle and the housing and ensures high work culture. The integrated needle system with the tip guarantees the highest standards of safety and hygiene. Each Kwadron® PMU Optima cartridge is packaged in a sterile, disposable packaging, 20 pieces in a box.

Kwadron® PMU Optima cartridges are compatible with the most popular machines like Equaliser Proton, Cheyenne Hawk, Fk Irons etc.

Kwadron® PMU Optima
Kwadron® PMU Optima Sale price$34.00 USD